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Table 5 Composite weights of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative Preclinical Cognitive Composite (APCC)

From: The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative Composite Cognitive Test: a practical measure for tracking cognitive decline in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease

DomainTest itemWeightMaximum possibleWeighted maximum
Perceptual Speed/Working MemorySymbol Digit Modalities0.2611028.6
OrientationMMSE Orientation to Time2.24511.2
MMSE Orientation to Place2.14510.7
Episodic MemoryLogical Memory Delayed0.532513.2
Word List Memory Delayed1.361013.6
Visual SpatialJudgment of Line Orientation0.681510.2
Raven’s Progressive Matrices (subset of 9 items from A and B)1.39912.5*
 Total Score (sum of weighted maximums)100
  1. MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination
  2. Item included in original, late-onset AD composite cognitive test score (this composite consisted of Category Fluency [fruits and vegetables], Boston Naming Test [15 items], Logical Memory Delayed Recall, East Boston Naming Test Immediate Recall, Raven’s Progressive Matrices Subset, Symbol Digit Modalities and MMSE Orientation to Time [12])
  3. *Rounded to the nearest 0.1