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Table 1 Cognitive assessments in the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center cohort studies

From: The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative Composite Cognitive Test: a practical measure for tracking cognitive decline in preclinical Alzheimer’s disease

Cognitive assessmentDomainROSMAPMARS
Boston Naming Test (15 items)Language/semantic memoryXXX
Category fluency—animalsLanguage/semantic memoryXXX
Category fluency—fruits/vegetablesLanguage/semantic memoryXXX
CERAD Word List Recall (Immediate)Episodic memoryXXX
CERAD Word List Memory (Delayed Recall)Episodic memoryXXX
CERAT Word List RecognitionEpisodic memoryXXX
Complex Ideational MaterialAuditory comprehensionXXX
Digit OrderingWorking memoryXXX
Digit Span—ForwardWorking memoryXXX
Digit Span—BackwardWorking memoryXXX
East Boston Naming Test, Immediate Recall (Memory I)Episodic memoryXXX
East Boston Naming Test, Delayed Recall (Memory II)Episodic memoryXXX
Judgment of Line OrientationVisuospatialXXX
Logical Memory Ia (Immediate)Episodic memoryXXX
Logical Memory IIa (Delayed)Episodic memoryXXX
Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE)—TotalGeneral/global cognitionXXX
MMSE—Orientation to TimeOrientationXXX
MMSE—Orientation to PlaceOrientationXXX
MMSE—RegistrationWorking memoryXXX
MMSE—Attention and ConcentrationAttention and concentrationXXX
MMSE—RecallEpisodic MemoryXXX
National Adult Reading Test (10 items)General/global cognitionXX 
Number Comparison TestPerceptual speedXXX
Ravens Progressive Matrices (16 items)Visuospatial/working memoryXXX
Ravens Progressive Matrices Subset (9 items from A and B)Visuospatial/working memoryXXX
Symbol Digit ModalitiesPerceptual SpeedXXX
Wide Range Achievement Test (15 items)General/global cognition   
  1. Abbreviations: ROS Religious Orders Study, MAP Memory and Aging Project, MARS Minority Aging Research Study (MARS)