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Table 1 Top ten most accessed articles over the last 12 months

From: A decade of Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy: reflections on the past, present, and future

Article nameCorr. authorDOIAccesses
Cerebral microbleeds: overview and implications in cognitive impairmentSergi Martinez-Ramirez et al.,167
Testing a MultiTEP-based combination vaccine to reduce A-beta and tau pathology in Tau22/5xFAD bigenic miceHayk Davtyan et al.,241
Alzheimer’s disease drug-development pipeline: few candidates, frequent failuresJeffrey L Cummings et al.
Herbal therapy: a new pathway for the treatment of Alzheimer’s diseaseJinzhou Tian et al.
Alzheimer’s disease prevention: from risk factors to early interventionMarta Crous-Bou et al.
Souvenaid in the management of mild cognitive impairment: an expert consensus opinionJeffrey Cummings et al.
Comprehensive treatment of dementia with Lewy bodiesBrendon P Boot
The clinical characteristics of dementia with Lewy bodies and a consideration of prodromal diagnosisPaul C Donaghy et al.
Effects of spermidine supplementation on cognition and biomarkers in older adults with subjective cognitive decline (SmartAge)—study protocol for a randomized controlled trialMiranka Wirth et al.
Alcohol use and dementia: a systematic scoping reviewJürgen Rehm et al.