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Table 3 Functional annotation analysis of predicted gene targets of identified candidate miRNAs

From: Differential blood miRNA expression in brain amyloid imaging-defined Alzheimer’s disease and controls

Candidate miRNA Number of annotation clusters with enrichment score > 1.3 for predicted gene targets Annotation cluster Gene count* Enrichment score p value FDR
miR-146b-5p 34 Innate immune response 24 13.8 6.1E−13 3.0E−10
  Cellular response to cytokine stimulus 33 11.72 1.9E−15 3.21E−12
  Defence response to bacterium 25 9.43 2.4E−12 4.03E−09
  Interleukin-1 receptor binding 7 6.35 3.66E−10 4.83E−07
  Regulation of interleukin-6 production 13 4 7.4E−11 1.26E−07
  Regulation of interleukin-12 production 7 3.87 3.89E−06 0.006623
  Lipopolysaccharide-mediated signalling pathway 8 3.82 1.50E−07 2.55E−04
  Regulation of cytokine secretion 10 3.68 4.44E−06 0.007556
miR-15b-5p 31 Apoptotic process 91 6.08 2.2E−9 4.04E−06
  Regulation of protein metabolic process 119 5.71 9.9E−10 1.80E−06
  Regulation of cell cycle 36 2.55 3.2E−6 0.005875
  1. Functional annotation clustering analysis of target mRNA gene lists of candidate miRNAs using DAVID. Top annotation clusters are listed
  2. *Number of genes from the target mRNA gene list submitted for each miRNA (158 genes for miR-146b-5p and 526 genes for miR-15b-5p) that are involved in the annotation cluster