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Table 2 Atrophy patterns included in the current diagnostic criteria of selected neurodegenerative dementias. Only changes in T1-weighted MRI sequence are included in the MRI signature column. The MRI signatures described are supportive features for the diagnosis unless otherwise stated. PPA primary progressive aphasia. FTD frontotemporal dementia

From: Imaging biomarkers in neurodegeneration: current and future practices

Disease Diagnostic criteria MRI signature
Alzheimer’s disease McKhann et al. [110] Disproportionate atrophy in the medial, basal and lateral temporal lobe and medial parietal cortex
Posterior cortical atrophy Crutch et al. [111] Predominant occipito-parietal or occipito-temporal atrophya
Logopenic variant PPA Gorno-Tempini et al. [112] Predominant left posterior perisylvian or parietal atrophy
Behavioural variant FTD Rascovsky et al. [113] Frontal and/or anterior temporal atrophy
Semantic variant PPA Gorno-Tempini et al. [112] Predominant anterior temporal lobe atrophy
Non-fluent variant PPA Gorno-Tempini et al. [112] Predominant left posterior fronto-insular atrophy
Dementia with Lewy bodies McKeith et al. [114] Relative preservation of the medial temporal lobe structuresb
Multiple system atrophy Gilman et al. [115] Atrophy of the putamen, middle cerebellar peduncle, pons or cerebellum
Progressive supranuclear palsy Höglinger et al. [116] Atrophy predominant in the midbrain relative to pons
  1. aCore neuroimaging feature of the PCA clinico-radiological syndrome; bnon-specific biomarker for DLB, but useful to differentiate from AD