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Table 1 Characteristics of cases and controls (with and without dementia) with rheumatoid arthritis used in this study

From: Methotrexate and relative risk of dementia amongst patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a multi-national multi-database case-control study

 Case (with dementia diagnosis)Control (no dementia diagnosis)p value
Age at index date (years)79.8 (± 6.89)79.5 (± 7.02)0.522
Gender86.4% F87.4% F0.707
Time since rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis before the index date (years)6.87 (± 6.29)7.06 (± 5.92)0.232
Prescribed with sulfasalazine40 (8.23%)57 (8.89%)0.776
Years of sulfasalazine use before the index date2.72 (± 3.57)2.57 (± 3.96)0.457
Prescribed with methotrexate123 (25.3%)178 (27.77%)0.392
Years of methotrexate use before the index date2.69 (± 3.06)3.80 (± 2.44)0.002
Prescribed with methotrexate or sulfasalazine19 (3.91%)25 (3.90%)1.000
Diagnosed with AMI26 (5.35%)34 (5.30%)1.000
Diagnosed with stroke37 (7.60%)64 (10.00%)0.202
Highest BMI before the index date28.1 (± 4.99)28.8 (± 4.90)0.061
BMI missingness178 (36.62%)211 (32.92%)0.217
Total time in database (years)7.64 (± 7.82)7.77 (± 7.66)0.301
Time in database before the index date (years)5.16 (± 7.47)4.62 (± 7.01)0.027
  1. Case, diagnosis of dementia; control, no diagnosis of dementia. For the calculation of p values to compare the demographics between cases and controls, an unpaired t test was applied for normally distributed numerical demographics, a Wilcoxon unpaired t test was applied for non-normally distributed numerical demographics and a chi-square test for categorical demographics was applied