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Table 1 In vivo antibody PK and in vitro biacore binding properties

From: Characterization of the selective in vitro and in vivo binding properties of crenezumab to oligomeric Aβ

Molecule Dose (i.v.)mg/kg Isotype Cmax(μg/ml) AUClast(μg/ml day) CLobs(ml/day/kg) Biacore monomericAβ Kd (nM) Biacore oligomericAβ Kd (nM)
Crenezumab 20 hIgG4 296 882 19.6 5 0.5
Anti-moAβ [23] 20 hIgG1 319 113 176.4 0.2 Not detected
Anti-gD 20 hIgG1 410 1457 7.6
  1. PK pharmacokinetics, i.v. intravenous, Cmax maximum concentration, AUClast area under the curve from the time of last dosing to the last measurable concentration, CLobs total body clearance, amyloid β, hIgG humanized immunoglobulin G, moAβ monomeric amyloid β, gD glycoprotein D