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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the samples

From: A single-nuclei RNA sequencing study of Mendelian and sporadic AD in the human brain

  Sample1 Sample2 Sample3
PSEN1 mutation Non-carrier Non-carrier Ala79Val
Gender Female Female Female
Age on set (years) 87 81 76
Age at death (years) 89 82 89
CDR 1 3 3
APOE ɛ3/ɛ4 ɛ3/ɛ3 ɛ3/ɛ4
PMI 9 17.2 8
Freezer time& (years) 11 22 24
Braak amyloid beta* C NA C
Neuropathology& AD AD AD
  1. &Freezer time: the years that elapsed since the death to snuclRNA-seq library preparation. *C: Stage C (deposition of amyloid in isocortical areas). AD Alzheimer’s disease, NA no data