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Fig. 5

From: Tau and atrophy: domain-specific relationships with cognition

Fig. 5

Region-of-interest analyses showing the relationship between regional tau and cognition, and between regional thickness and cognition. The value in each cell of the matrix shows the partial correlation between a regional thickness and cognition, b regional PVC-FTP and cognition, and b between regional PVC-FTP and cognition, after accounting for regional thickness. The association of cognition with regional PVC-FTP or regional thickness recapitulate our vertex-wise findings. Matrices are displayed at a threshold of P value < 9.9e−5. In b, the columns for medial orbitofrontal and lateral orbitofrontal are identical, the columns for pars orbitalis, opercularis, and triangularis are identical, and the columns for rostral and caudal middle frontal are identical. This is a consequence of the PVC methods we used (see the “Methods” section) which combine individual FreeSurfer ROIs into larger ROIs. Abbreviations: PVC, Partial Volume Corrected; ROI, region-of-interest; AVDEL30MIN, RAVLT Delay; AVSUM15, RAVLT Learning; CATANIMSC, Category Fluency—Animals; CLOCKSCOR, Clock Drawing; COPYSCOR, Clock Copying; LDELTOTAL, LM Delay; LIMMTOTAL, LM Immediate; TRAASCOR, TMT Part A; TRABSCOR, TMT Part B

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