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Fig. 2

From: Tau and atrophy: domain-specific relationships with cognition

Fig. 2

Surface-based analysis demonstrates that FTP retention is associated with cognitive scores. a Performance on learning and memory tests are associated with tau in temporal, parietal, and lateral frontal cortex. b Fluency and naming abilities are related to tau in temporal, parietal, frontal, and lateral occipital cortex, with left-sided laterality. c Visuospatial function and processing speed are also related to tau in lateral frontal, lateral temporal, and parietal cortex. Plots are in -log(P value) scale and vertex values range from -log (4) to -log (8). Cool colors indicate that higher FTP retention is related to worse cognitive performance. For multiple-comparisons correction, a cluster-forming threshold of -log(P value) > 4 or P value < 0.0001, and a cluster-wise threshold P value < 0.05 were used. Results from vertex-wise analyses with LM, Clock Copying, and TMT part B displayed similar associations as RAVLT, Clock Drawing and TMT part A, respectively, and can be found in Additional file 1: Figure S1a. Abbreviations: RAVLT, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test; MINT, Multilingual Naming Test; TMT, Trail Making Test

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