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Fig. 4

From: Human amyloid-β enriched extracts: evaluation of in vitro and in vivo internalization and molecular characterization

Fig. 4

Double immunofluorescence against Aβ1–42, and GFAP (A), Aβ1–42 and ANXA5 (B) and Aβ1–42 and COL6A (C). Confocal images of amygdala sections of human AD samples and non-AD samples, used to study the distribution of GFAP (green, A), ANXA5 (green, B), or COL6A (green, C). Immunostaining against Aβ1–42 (red, a–b) was also included to identify the Aβ plaques. Nuclei are labeled in blue with DAPI. Calibration bars 50 μm

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