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Fig. 3

From: Human amyloid-β enriched extracts: evaluation of in vitro and in vivo internalization and molecular characterization

Fig. 3

Microinjection and internalization of Aβ1–42 in the dorsal anterior olfactory nucleus. Images show the region where the AlexaFluor 488-labeled extracts were injected. Human non-AD extracts (a, b) and human Aβ1–42-enriched extracts (c, d). Nuclei are shown in blue (DAPI), and labeled extracts appear in green. Images e and f correspond to the tissue of samples injected with labeled extracts (green) together with Iba-1 labeling (red). Z-stack images are also shown. Scale bars a, c = 130 μm, b = 20 μm, d = 40 μm, e = 10 μm, f = 3 μm. AO anterior olfatory nucleus (D, dorsal; L, lateral; M, medial; V, ventral)

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