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Fig. 6

From: Neurexin 3 transmembrane and soluble isoform expression and splicing haplotype are associated with neuron inflammasome and Alzheimer’s disease

Fig. 6

ah RNAscope in situ hybridization of control and AD brain samples with different Braak numbers Green represents NLRP3, yellow NRXN3, and magenta NEUN. The red arrow indicates colocalization of three probes in the same cell. H-score correlations of NRXN3 and NLRP3 intensities with Braak numbers. (a) MTG-Braak 0; (b) MTG-Braak 1; (c) MTG-Braak 2; (d) MTG-Braak 4; (e) MTG-Braak 5; (f) MTG-Braak 6; (g) HIP-Braak 0; (h) HIP-Braak 6

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