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Table 10 Overview of the psychometric properties for pencil and paper tests validated in a population-based cohort for AD

From: Brief cognitive screening instruments for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease: a systematic review

Instrument Number of articles* N
healthy controls
n Sensitivity Specificity n AUC n Internal consistency n Inter-rater reliability n Test-retest reliability (mean time between tests)
MIS 1 212 28 240 86.0 97.0 240 93       
MoCA 2 6357 313 6670 96.6 81.83    6576 0.85    35 0.96 (1 month)
  1. *When more than 1 study is available, the weighted mean is calculated for the sensitivity, specificity, AUC, internal consistency, inter-rater reliability, and test-retest reliability