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Fig. 5

From: Brain glucose metabolism in Lewy body dementia: implications for diagnostic criteria

Fig. 5

Hierarchical cluster analysis. Left panel, hypometabolism patterns differentiating the subgroup A (N = 41) and subgroup B (N = 31). Subgroups differed in severity of occipital hypometabolism, as shown in the brain renderings. Middle panel, raster plots showing the severity of regional hypometabolism at the single-subject level according to SPM-t values; ROIs are plotted on the ordinate axis; subjects on the abscissa axis. Right panel shows results of the head-to-head metabolic comparison between subgroups (p < 0.05 FWE-corrected, k = 100). Abbreviations: Ag, angular gyrus; Cc, calcarine cortex; DLPFC, dorsolateral prefrontal cortex; FFg, fusiform gyrus; IOg, inferior occipital gyrus; ITg, inferior temporal gyrus; Lg, lingual gyrus; MOg, middle occipital gyrus; MTg, middle temporal gyrus; SOg, superior occipital gyrus; STg, superior temporal gyrus

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