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Fig. 6

From: SAR228810: an antibody for protofibrillar amyloid β peptide designed to reduce the risk of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities (ARIA)

Fig. 6

Histological demonstration of SAR255952 brain penetration after chronic peripheral administrations (4-month weekly i.p., 10 mg/kg) in young male APPSL mice. a Serial wholly-scanned sagital brain tissue sections with either Aβ (left panel) or IgG1 and Congo red (right panel) immunostaining of one representative animal of the SAR255952-treated group. b–d Higher magnification views of individual hippocampal, cortical, and occasional thalamic plaques, respectively showing all remaining plaques with Congo red-positive central core decorated with IgG1 immunostaining. e High magnification view of individual plaques in one representative animal chronically treated with Ctrl-IgG1 antibody. Only Congo red- positive central cores of amyloid deposits were detected

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