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Table 2 Prediction of cognitive decline using amyloid PET in cognitively normal subjects

From: Secondary prevention of Alzheimer’s dementia: neuroimaging contributions

Reference Study design Tracer Main outcome
Cohort Size Follow-up Mean age
Donohue et al., 2017 [40] ADNI N = 445 Median 3.1 years 74 Various tracers or CSF Aβ+: worse mean scores after 4 years on Preclinical Alzheimer Cognitive Composite score, MMSE and CDR-SB.
Petersen et al., 2016 [39] Mayo Clinic Study of Aging N = 564 Median 2.5 years 78 PiB Aβ+: increased rate of cognitive decline in various cognitive domains and progression to MCI.
Vemuri et al., 2015 [38] Mayo Clinic Study of Aging N = 393 Mean 2.7 years 78 PiB Aβ+: increased rate of cognitive decline compared to Aβ–.
Lim et al., 2012 [34] AIBL N = 141 18 months 76 PiB Aβ+: greater cognitive decline on working memory and verbal and visual episodic memory.
Lim et al., 2014 [35, 73] AIBL N = 320 36 months 70 Various tracers Aβ+: greater cognitive decline on verbal and visual episodic memory.
Rowe et al., 2013 [41] AIBL N = 183 36 months 72 PiB Aβ+: predictor of progression to MCI/dementia (OR 4.8).
Kawas et al., 2013 [36] 90+ study N = 13 Median 1.5 years 94 Florbetapir Aβ+: steeper declines on most cognitive tests, particularly global cognitive measures.
Doraiswamy et al., 2014 [37] AV45-A11 study.
Multi-site, USA
N = 69 36 months 70 Florbetapir Aβ+: greater decline on ADAS-Cog, digit-symbol-substitution test, verbal fluency test and CDR-SB.
Villemagne et al., 2011 [147] Austin Health Memory Disorder Clinic and Melbourne Aging Study N = 32 Mean 20 months 73 PiB Aβ high: 16% conversion rate to MCI by 20 months
Aβ high: 25% conversion rate to MCI by 3 years
Aβ low: 1 subject developed MCI
Storandt et al., 2009 [31] Washington University ADRC N = 135 Up to 19 years. pre-PET 75 PiB Increased cognitive decline in episodic and working memory in amyloid positive subjects (cognition measured before PET scan).
Morris et al., 2009 [30] Washington University N = 159 Mean 2.4 years 71.5 PiB Higher mean cortical binding potential values predicted progression to AD (HR 4.85, 1.22–19.01).
Mormino et al., 2014 [46] Harvard Aging Brain Study N = 166 Median 2.1 years 74 PiB Cognitive decline over time was observed only in cognitively healthy individuals who were Aβ+ and had evidence of neurodegeneration.
Resnick et al., 2010 [32] Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging N = 57 Mean 10.8 years 78.7 PiB Aβ high: greater decline in mental status and verbal learning and memory, but not visual memory. Significant associations in frontal and lateral temporal regions.
  1. Aβ+/− amyloid positive/negative, AD Alzheimer’s disease, ADAS-cog Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale-cognitive subscale, ADNI Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, ADRC Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, AIBL Australian Imaging, Biomarker and Lifestyle study, CDR-SB Clinical Dementia Rating sum of boxes, CSF cerebrospinal fluid, HR hazard ratio, MCI mild cognitive impairment, MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination, OR odds ratio, PET positron emission tomography, PiB Pittsburgh compound B