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Table 1 Clinical dataset

From: The EMIF-AD Multimodal Biomarker Discovery study: design, methods and cohort characteristics

 Years of education
Clinical information
 Medication use
  Cardiovascular medication
  Dementia medication
  Hormonal medication
  Other medication
  Cardiovascular disorders
  Cardiovascular risk factors
  Cerebrovascular disorders
  Endocrine disorders
  Neurological disorders
  Other cardiac disorders
  Psychiatric disorders
  Somatic disorders
 Family history of dementia
  First-degree relatives
  Second-degree relatives
 Functional impairment rating
Neuropsychological tests
 Memory, preferred test: AVLT
 Language, preferred test: animal fluency
 Attention, preferred test: Trail Making Test A
 Executive functioning, preferred test: Trail Making Test B
 Visuoconstruction, preferred test: Rey complex figure copy
Aβ measure a
 CSF Aβ42 value and local cutoff point
 Amyloid PET SUV and local cutoff point
  1. aAt least one Aβ measure
  2. amyloid-beta, AVLT Auditory Verbal Learning Test, CSF cerebrospinal fluid, PET positron emission tomography, SUV standardized uptake value