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Table 1 Cognitive domains by instrument (# = Prone to ceiling (+) or floor (−) effects in mild stage patients)

From: Cognition comes of age: comments on the new FDA draft guidance for early Alzheimer’s disease

Cognitive skill or domain ADAS-cog subtest ADCS-PACC Catch-Cog
Episodic verbal memory test Immediate Word Recall FCSRT/MMSE Immediate Word Recall
Confrontation naming Naming Fingers and Objects # (+) MMSE
Tests comprehension and praxis Commands # (+) MMSE
Episodic verbal memory test Delayed Word Recall # (−) Logical Memory/MMSE
Design copy Constructional Praxis # (+) MMSE
Familiar task execution Ideational Praxis # (+) MMSE
Semantic & episodic memory Orientation MMSE Orientation
Episodic verbal memory test Word Recognition Word Recognition
Episodic memory Remembering Test Instructions # (+)
Language production Spoken Language Ability # (+) MMSE
Semantic memory Word-finding Difficulty # (+) MMSE
Language comprehension Language Comprehension # (+) MMSE
Attention Number Cancellation # (+) DSST DSST
Executive skills Maze # (+) DSST DSST, COWAT, CFT, DS