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Table 2 Fresh frozen cases used for immunoprecipitation

From: Immunotherapy to improve cognition and reduce pathological species in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model

Case Sex Age (years) ABC Neuropathological diagnosis
Cognitively normal control 1 F 95 A0,B0,C0 lacunar microinfarcts, dystrophic calcification in hippocampus
Cognitively normal control 2 M 79 A1,B1,C1 ADRC/small vessel disease
Cognitively normal control 3 M 90 A1,B1,C1 ADRC
AD1 F 91 A3,B3,C3 AD
AD2 M 76 A3,B3,C3 AD/CAA
AD3 F 83 A3,B3,C3 AD
  1. ABC score and neuropathological diagnosis was determined as previously published [31] and reported by a board-certified neuropathologist
  2. AD Alzheimer’s disease, ADRC Alzheimer’s disease-related changes, CAA cerebral amyloid angiopathy, F female, M male