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Table 1 Events prior to 1st January 2016 that potentially affected prescription rates

From: What is the impact of regulatory guidance and expiry of drug patents on dementia drug prescriptions in England? A trend analysis in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink

Event date Event
May 1997 Donepezil first recorded in CPRD
September 1998 Rivastigmine first recorded in CPRD
January 2001 Galantamine first recorded in CPRD and first NICE guidance released
December 2002 Memantine first recorded in CPRD
November 2006 NICE recommended restricting drug access
September 2007 QOF revised to include dementia
February 2009 First National Dementia Strategy launched
March 2011 NICE removed recommendation restricting drug access
January 2012 Galantamine patent expired
February 2012 Donepezil patent expired
May 2012 Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge launched
July 2012 Rivastigmine patent expired
April 2014 Memantine patent expired
February 2015 Prime Minister’s Challenge on Dementia 2020 launched
  1. CPRD Clinical Practice Research Datalink, NICE National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, QOF Quality and Outcomes Framework