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Table 5 Comparison between late-converter patients and patients with “typical” Alzheimer’s disease

From: Metabolic correlates of reserve and resilience in MCI due to Alzheimer's Disease (AD)

  Cluster level Peak level
Cluster extent Corrected p value Cortical region Maximum z-score   Talairach coordinates   Cortical region BA
1483 0.005 R-temporal 6.53 67 − 34 − 12 Middle temporal gyrus 21
   L-frontal 5.51 − 46 9 18 Inferior frontal gyrus 47
  1. BA Brodmann area
  2. p < 0.05 corrected for multiple comparisons with the family-Wise error correction option at both peak and cluster levels was accepted as statistically significant. In the “cluster level” section at left, the corrected p value and the brain lobe with hypometabolism are reported. In the “peak level” section at right, the z-score and peak coordinates as well as the corresponding cortical region and BA are reported. Late-converter patients and those with “typical” AD are patients with mild cognitive impairment who clinically converted to dementia of Alzheimer‘s type at different times during follow-up (see further details in the main text)