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Table 4 Conversion to AD in the different MCI biomarker-based subgroups

From: Addition of the Aβ42/40 ratio to the cerebrospinal fluid biomarker profile increases the predictive value for underlying Alzheimer’s disease dementia in mild cognitive impairment

  Using Aβ42, t-Tau and p-Tau for classification Using Aβ42/40 ratio, t-Tau and p-Tau for classification
LL 4/40 (10%) 3/38 (8%)
IAP 7/16 (44%) 8/18 (44%)
SNAP 20/36 (56%) 9/17 (53%)
HL 39/52 (75%) 50/71 (72%)
  1. Data are expressed as n/total (percentage) of patients
  2. AD Alzheimer’s disease, MCI mild cognitive impairment, Aβ42 42-aminoacid isoform of amyloid beta, t-Tau total Tau protein, p-Tau hyperphosphorylated Tau protein, Aβ40 40-aminoacid isoform of amyloid beta, LL low-AD likelihood, IAP isolated amyloid pathology, SNAP suspected non-Alzheimer pathology, HL High-AD likelihood