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Table 2 Correlation between required training sessions and regional network metrics

From: Early brain connectivity alterations and cognitive impairment in a rat model of Alzheimer’s disease

  Region Connectome Metric r Value
Total training sessions L Ent Cx FD-w NE −0.7708
CC −0.7450
R Pir Cx Binary functional NE 0.7122
CC 0.7122
R TeA Cx FD-w NE −0.7056
L IPAC, olfactory nuclei, SI, and VP FD-w NE − 0.7418
R Tu Binary functional NE 0.7387
CC 0.7387
L Tu FA-w Strength −0.7708
L Pons FD-w CC −0.7284
Training stage 4 L VHc and LH Binary functional Degree 0.7049
Training stage 5 R Amygdala Weighted functional Strength −0.7797
L Ent Cx FD-w NE −0.9027
CC −0.8944
Strength −0.8333
R Pir Cx FD-w NE −0.7329
CC −0.7484
Strength −0.7070
L RS Cx FD-w Strength −0.7412
R VCx FD-w NE −0.7412
L ADHc Binary functional Degree −0.7137
L IPAC, olfactory nuclei, SI, and VP FD-w NE −0.8260
CC −0.7450
Left olfactory tubercle FA-w Strength −0.7091
Training stage 6 R Amygdala Binary functional Degree −0.7122
L RS Cx Weighted functional Strength −0.7024
L Septum and DB Weighted functional NE −0.8049
  1. Abbreviations: NE Nodal efficiency, CC Clustering coefficient, Cx Cortex, L Left, R Right, Ent Cx Entorhinal cortex, Pir CX Piriform cortex, TeA Cx Temporal association cortex, IPAC Interstitial nucleus of the posterior limb of the anterior commissure, SI Substantia innominata, VP Ventral pallidum, Tu Olfactory tubercle, VHc Ventral hippocampus, LH Lateral hypothalamus, RS Retrosplenial cortex, VCx Visual cortex, ADHc Anterodorsal hippocampus, DB Diagonal band, FA-w Connectome weighted by fractional anisotropy, FD-w Connectome weighted by fiber density
  2. Spearman’s correlation coefficient (r) between the number of sessions required to achieve the criteria in training stages and the regional network metrics of the structural and functional connectomes