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Table 1 Cell lines used in this study

From: Neurons derived from sporadic Alzheimer’s disease iPSCs reveal elevated TAU hyperphosphorylation, increased amyloid levels, and GSK3B activation

iPSC line name Clone number Identifier in the study Disease Mutation Sex Reference
BIOT-7183-PSEN1 S1 fAD-1 Early-onset fAD PSEN1 c.265G>C, p.V89L F [41]
S2 fAD-2
H234 C5 fAD-3 Early-onset fAD PSEN1 c.449T>C, p.L150P M [42]
H235 C6 fAD-4 Early-onset fAD PSEN1 c.449T>C, p.L150P M
BIOT-0904-LOAD S2 sAD-1 Late-onset sAD Unknown M [43]
S3 sAD-2
BIOT-0630-LOAD S4 sAD-3 Late-onset sAD Unknown F [44]
BIOT-4828-LOAD S1 sAD-4 Late-onset sAD Unknown F [45]
S6 sAD-5
BIOT-0726-LOAD S3 sAD-6 Late-onset sAD Unknown F [46]
CTRL1 S9 Ctrl-1 Healthy F
S11 Ctrl-2
H250 C16 Ctrl-3 Healthy F
H256 C6 Ctrl-4 Healthy M
  1. Abbreviations: iPSC Induced pluripotent stem cell, LOAD Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease