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Table 1 Published reports on PKR and Alzheimer’s disease

From: PKR involvement in Alzheimer’s disease

Report Sample Results
Chang et al. 2002 [45] Brain pPKR neuronal accumulation
Peel et al. 2003 [39] Brain pPKR neuronal accumulation
Onuki et al. 2004 [32] Brain pPKR neuronal accumulation
Paccalin et al. 2006 [71] PBL pPKR increased level
Page et al. 2006 [40] Brain pPKR increased concentration
Bullido et al. 2008 [74] DNA PKR gene association
Damjanac et al. 2009 [72] PBL PKR-dependent increases in P53, Redd1
Couturier et al. 2010 [35] PBL PKR control of inflammation
Bose et al. 2011 [47] Brain Co-localization of pPKR and ptau
Paquet et al. 2012 [69] Brain Increased levels of PKR activator PACT
Mouton-Liger et al. 2012 [76] CSF Increased levels of PKR and pPKR
Badia et al. 2013 [73] PBL Increased levels of PKR RNA in ApoE4 patients
Dumurgier et al. 2013 [77] CSF CSF pPKR predicts cognitive decline
Paquet et al. 2015 [79] Brain Aβ vaccine reduces pPKR load
Taga et al. 2017 [70] Brain Correlations cognitive scores and pPKR load
  1. Non-exhaustive list of published studies that assessed the levels of PKR signals in human AD samples, including brain, peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL), and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)