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Table 2 Symptom severity for Alzheimer’s disease subtypes on the 35 most salient covariates and 5 salient summary measures

From: Personalized predictive modeling for patients with Alzheimer’s disease using an extension of Sullivan’s life table model

j Domain Name Description 1 2 3 4
Salient covariates
8 1 PP44 Verbal outbursts    H  
12 2 Orientation_RC MMSE: sum of orientation variables L    H
17 2 SP41B MMSE: intersecting pentagons     H
18 3 NN01 Patient trouble with chores L    H
19 3 NN02 Patient trouble handling money L    H
20 3 NN03 Patient trouble remembering lists L    
21 3 NN04 Patient trouble around house     H
22 3 NN05 Patient trouble around neighborhood L L   H
23 3 NN06 Patient trouble recognizing place L L   H
24 3 NN07 Patient trouble remembering things L    
25 3 NN08 Patient dwells in the past    H  
27 3 NN10 Patient dressing L    H
28 3 NN11 Patient bladder and bowel control     H
29 3 NN12 Increased rigidity    H  
30 3 NN13 Increased egocentricity    H  
31 3 NN14 Impairment of regard for feelings of others    H  
32 3 NN15 Coarsening of affect    H  
33 3 NN16 Impairment of emotional control    H  
35 3 NN18 Diminished emotional responsiveness L    
36 3 NN19 Sexual misdemeanor    H  
37 3 NN20 Hobbies relinquished L    
40 4 RR01 Needs reminders L    
41 4 RR02 Needs help to remember L    
43 4 RR04 Needs household chores done L    
44 4 RR05 Needs watching when awake L L   H
45 4 RR06 Needs to be escorted when outside L L   H
46 4 RR07 Needs to be accompanied bathing/eating L L   H
47 4 RR08 Needs to be dressed/washed/groomed     H
48 4 RR09 Needs to be taken to toilet     H
51 4 RR12 Needs to wear diaper/catheter     H
53 4 RR15 Equivalent institutional care L   M H
61 7 DELUSION Delusions    H  
67 9 EPSXX Extrapyramidal symptoms     H
73 10 AGITATION Agitation    H  
74 10 SAD Sadness/depression    H  
Total H/L    17 5 11 17
Salient Summary Measures
QQ01_RC CDR rating L L   H
2 SP51_RC MMSE score L    H
4 RR14 Dependence scale score L L M H
7 PSYCHSX Psychiatric symptoms    H  
Total H/L    4 3 1 4
  1. Abbreviations: BDRS Blessed Dementia Rating Scale, CDR Clinical Dementia Rating, LMH Low, medium, or high severity, MMSE Mini Mental State Examination
  2. j denotes variable number. LMH designations indicate the direction and strength of the symptom severity for the indicated subtypes. LMH designations are provided for covariates with positive Bayesian information criterion statistics in Additional file 1: Table A.2, but only if the corresponding Kullback-Leibler information statistics exceed 0.50. These conditions identified the 35 most salient covariates shown above. The summary measures were processed using conditional maximum likelihood estimation procedures that did not impact the estimated Grade of Measurement scores. In three cases, the conditions for assigning H or L were met, but the effect involved a restricted set of intermediate severity levels, which were coded as M