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Table 2 Multiple linear regression analysis with global cerebral Aβ deposition as the dependent variable (n = 148)

From: Associations of thyroid hormone serum levels with in-vivo Alzheimer’s disease pathologies

Dependent variable Independent variable Model Ia Model IIb
   B SE t p B SE t p
Global cerebral Aβ deposition Serum fT4 level – 0.213 0.088 – 2.407 0.017* – 0.205 0.088 – 2.316 0.022*
  1. Multiple linear regression analysis was conducted to investigate the relationship between serum fT4 level and global cerebral Aβ deposition controlling for several variables. Global Aβ deposition values were natural log-transformed to normalize variance
  2. amyloid beta protein, APOE apolipoprotein E, B regression coefficient, SE standard error, fT4 free thyroxine
  3. *p < 0.025 (statistically significant)
  4. aAdjusted for age, gender, and APOE ε4 carrier status
  5. bAdjusted for age, gender, APOE ε4 carrier status, and vascular risk score