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Table 2 Schedule of evaluation in the MEMENTO cohort over 60 months of follow-up

From: Cognitive and imaging markers in non-demented subjects attending a memory clinic: study design and baseline findings of the MEMENTO cohort

  Schedules of evaluation by follow-up wave (months)
Baseline M6 M12 M18 M24 M30 M36 M42 M48 M54 M60
Socio-demographic characteristics
Medical history or incident events
Physical, neurological examinations
Clinical Dementia Rating
Full neuropsychological battery
Subjective complaints
Neuropsychiatric Inventory
Autonomy in activities of daily living
Motricity (SPPB)
Quality of life (EQ-5D)
Social sciences and health economic questionnaires
Blood sampling laboratory assessment      
DNA sample collection         
RNA collection         
Brain structural MRI         
18F-FDG-PET scan         
Lumbar puncture         
  1. Abbreviations: FDG-PET 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positon emission tomography, MRI Magnetic resonance imaging, SPPB Short Physical Performance Battery
  2. ■ At examination centre
  3. □ By phone or at examination centre
  4. ☑ Optional, at examination centre