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Table 1 Description of magnetic resonance imaging sequences in the MEMENTO cohort

From: Cognitive and imaging markers in non-demented subjects attending a memory clinic: study design and baseline findings of the MEMENTO cohort

Sequence number Sequence labelling Sequence approximate duration, minutes:seconds Sequence compatibility with ADNI MRI protocol
1 Localizer 0:10  
2 3D T1-weighted 9:00 Yes
3 2D T2-weighted FLAIR 4:00 Yes
4 2D T2-weighted (GRE) 5:30 Yes
5 2D T2-weighted TSE/FSE single-echo 1:45  
6a Resting-state fMRI BOLD EPI 10:00  
7a Diffusion-weighted imaging (DTI − DWI EPI) + B0 field map 4:30 × 2–4
  1. Abbreviations: ADNI Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, BOLD Blood oxygen level-dependent imaging, DTI Diffusion tensor imaging, DWI Diffusion-weighted imaging, EPI Echo planar imaging, FLAIR Fluid attenuation inversion recovery, fMRI Functional magnetic resonance imaging, FSE Fast spin echo imaging, GRE Gradient echo imaging, MRI Magnetic resonance imaging, TSE Turbo spin echo imaging
  2. aSequences 6 and 7 were optional