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Table 2 Structural neuroanatomical associations of speech signal analysis in the patient cohort

From: Behavioural and neuroanatomical correlates of auditory speech analysis in primary progressive aphasias

Contrast Region Side Cluster (voxels) Peak (mm) t value p value
x y z
Temporal regularity Supplementary motora Left 427 –2 –9 63 7.93 0.016
  Caudate Right 216 16 –2 20 7.02 0.042
Phonemic structure Supramarginal gyrusa Left 12 –58 –28 14 5.53 0.026
Prosodic predictability Putamen Right 289 28 0 6 7.01 0.035
  1. Summary of statistically significant positive associations between grey matter volume and performance on psychoacoustic tasks to assess the temporal regularity, phonemic structure and prosodic predictability of experimental speech stimuli (see text for details), based on a voxel-based morphometric analysis of brain magnetic resonance images for the combined patient cohort. All values were significant at p < 0.05FWE within a pre-specified neuroanatomical region of interest (see Additional file 9); coordinates of local maxima are in MNI standard space
  2. FWE family-wise error
  3. aLocal maximum coincident with regional disease-related grey matter atrophy in the non-fluent variant primary progressive aphasia group (see Additional file 11)