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Table 6 Results of the stepwise linear regression investigating the association of baseline demographics, cognitive scores, cerebrospinal fluid markers and positron emission tomography data, with prognosis in terms of final status, cognitive score evolution and time to conversion in the longitudinal cohort

From: Comparison of CSF markers and semi-quantitative amyloid PET in Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and in cognitive impairment prognosis using the ADNI-2 database

Association with Last known status (NL, MCI, AD) MMS annual change CDR annual change ADAS-cog annual change Time to conversion
  r 2 p Value r 2 p Value r 2 p Value r 2 p Value r 2 p Value
Sex   ns   ns   ns   ns   ns
Age   ns   ns   ns   ns   ns
ApoE4   ns   ns   ns   ns   ns
Baseline cognition
 GDS   ns   ns 0.02 0.04   ns   ns
 MMSE   ns 0.10 <10−8   ns 0.10 <0.001   ns
 CDR 0.38 <10−16   ns 0.08 <10−8   ns   ns
 ADAS-cog 0.18 <10−15 0.18 <10−18 0.14 <10−16   ns 0.10 0.03
Baseline CSF
 Aβ1–42   ns   ns   ns   ns   ns
 Tau   ns 0.03 0.02   ns   ns   ns
 p-Tau181 0.03 0.02   ns   ns   ns   ns
 p-Tau/Aβ   ns   ns   ns   ns   ns
Baseline PET
 SUVr (pons) 0.05 <0.001a   ns 0.06 <10−5a 0.08 0.001a   ns
 SUVr (crb) 0.03 0.02   ns   ns   ns   ns
 SUVr (comp) 0.05 <0.001   ns 0.05 <10−5 0.07 0.005   ns
  1. Abbreviations: Aβ Amyloid-β1–42, AD Alzheimer’s disease, ADAS-cog Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Scale–Cognitive Subscale, ApoE Apolipoprotein E, CDR Clinical Dementia Rating, Comp Composite, Crb Cerebellar, CSF Cerebrospinal fluid, GDS Geriatric Depression Scale, MCI Mild cognitive impairment, MMSE Mini Mental State Examination, NL Normal, PET Positron emission tomography, Pons Pontine, p-tau Phosphorylated tau, SUVr Standardised uptake value ratio, ns Not significant
  2. All p values are corrected for multiple comparisons
  3. aRemained an independent predictor when evaluated jointly