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Table 2 Correlation of perseverance time with related measures for assessment of construct validity and responsiveness

From: Perseverance time of informal caregivers for people with dementia: construct validity, responsiveness and predictive validity

  Construct validitya Responsivenessb
Study A Study B Pooled data Study A
CSI −0.45c −0.40c −0.42c 0.27d
SRB −0.62c −0.36c −0.50c 0.28d
CarerQol-7D 0.32c 0.46c 0.39c N/A
CarerQol-VAS 0.23c 0.28c 0.25c −0.23d
Objective burden −0.24c −0.28c −0.26c 0.10
IC VAS health 0.19c 0.15 0.17c −0.19
PwD VAS health 0.10 −0.01 0.05 N/A
  1. Abbreviations: CarerQol Care-related Quality of Life instrument, VAS Visual analogue scale, IC Informal caregiver, PwD People with dementia, SRB Self-rated Burden scale, CSI Caregiver Strain Index, N/A Not applicable, because these measures were not included in the follow-up measurement
  2. a Correlations between actual scores
  3. b Correlations between change scores over time. Change in perseverance time was used as a positive or negative difference in number of ordered answering categories between follow-up and baseline. Change in other scores is used as continuous difference between follow-up and baseline
  4. c p < 0.05
  5. d p < 0.01