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Table 4 Statistical analysis of association between normal control and aMCI ethnic cohorts

From: Identifying biomarkers of dementia prevalent among amnestic mild cognitively impaired ethnic female patients

Biomarker Ethnicity p value, NC vs aMCI
40 White 0.0001***
African American 0.4480
Hispanic 0.0110*
42 White 0.7650
African American 0.5100
Hispanic 0.0020**
42/Aβ40 White 0.0800*
African American 0.6570
Hispanic 0.5240
Total tau White 0.3700
African American 0.0460*
Hispanic 0.7070
Cystatin C White 0.0970
African American 0.0630
Hispanic 0.0460*
YKL40 White 0.4180
African American 0.9880
Hispanic 0.0330*
  1. Indicated are the levels of biochemically measured plasma biomarkers that displayed significant changes controlled for ethnicity and compared with NC cohort. Statistical analyses were performed in a two by three factorial design with post-hoc analyses using IBM SPSS Statistics 22. An outlier test was also performed using IBM SPSS Statistics 22. Significant changes in biomarkers related to ethnic background: *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 ***p < 0.001
  2. aMCI amnestic mild cognitive impairment, NC age-matched control group