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Table 3 Statistical analysis of association between normal control and aMCI cohorts, independent of ethnicity

From: Identifying biomarkers of dementia prevalent among amnestic mild cognitively impaired ethnic female patients

Biomarker p value, NC vs aMCI
40 0.0001***
Cystatin C 0.0024***
  1. Indicated plasma levels of Aβ40 and cystatin C levels were significantly increased in aMCI patients compared with the age-matched NCs, independent of ethnicity (***p = 0.0001 and ***p = 0.0024, respectively). Other biomarkers displayed no significant changes in the plasma levels between the NC group and aMCI female patients (data not shown, p > 0.05). Statistical analyses were performed using Student’s t test
  2. aMCI amnestic mild cognitive impairment, NC age-matched control group