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Table 1 Demographic and main clinical data of the whole cohort

From: Exploring anterograde memory: a volumetric MRI study in patients with mild cognitive impairment

Age 79.1 (5.6)
Gender (male/female) 47/91
EL: number of patients depending on the category EL3: 11; EL4: 34; EL5: 16; EL6: 19; EL7: 58
MCI subtypes: number of patients depending on the subtype aMCI: 97 (sd: 20, md: 77)
naMCI: 41 (sd: 35, md: 6)
MMSE 27.1 (1.7)
CDR: number of patients depending on the score Score 0: 28
Score 0.5: 110
IADL 13.1 (1.3)
  1. Data presented as mean (standard deviation) unless stated otherwise
  2. aMCI amnestic mild cognitive impairment, naMCI non-amnestic mild cognitive impairment, MCI mild cognitive impairment, sd single-domain, md multi-domain, EL educational level, CDR Clinical Dementia Rating Scale, IADL Instrumental Activity of Daily Living, MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination