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Table 2 Representative top 30 upstream regulators of genes differentially expressed between glutamate and glutamate + candesartan

From: An integrative genome-wide transcriptome reveals that candesartan is neuroprotective and a candidate therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease

Upstream regulator Molecule type p value of overlap
Tumor necrosis factor Cytokine 1.06E-74
Lipopolysaccharide Chemical drug 3.26E-63
Interleukin-1beta Cytokine 1.02E-61
Interferon gamma Cytokine 4.75E-61
Transforming growth factor beta-1 Growth factor 1.99E-49
Nuclear factor kappa B (complex) Complex 1.80E-43
Dexamethasone Chemical drug 2.74E-42
Interleukin-6 Cytokine 2.16E-40
Colony Stimulating Factor 2 (CSF2) Cytokine 1.57E-39
Interleukin-10 Cytokine 6.06E-39
Of Kappa Light Polypeptide Gene Cin B Cells (IKBKB) Kinase 7.92E-39
Interleukin-13 Cytokine 1.46E-38
Poly rI:rC-RNA Chemical reagent 4.53E-38
Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3 (STAT3) Transcription regulator 1.80E-37
Amyloid precursor protein Other 2.86E-37
Nuclear Factor Of Kappa Light Polypeptide Gene Enhancer in B Cell Inhibitor, Alpha (NFKBIA) Transcription regulator 4.57E-36
Myeloid differentiation primary response gene 88 (MYD88) Other 4.97E-36
Tretinoin Chemical—endogenous mammalian 6.44E-36
E. coli B4 lipopolysaccharide Chemical toxicant 1.36E-35
PD98059 Chemical—kinase inhibitor 1.85E-35
Beta-estradiol Chemical—endogenous mammalian 9.64E-35
Interleukin-4 Cytokine 1.46E-34
Apolipoprotein E Transporter 2.32E-33
Platelet-derived growth factor BB Complex 2.99E-33
Conserved Helix -Loop Helix Ubiquitous Kinase (CHUK) Kinase 6.05E-33
Toll-like receptor 4 Transmembrane receptor 2.55E-32
Angiotensinogen (AGT) Growth factor 3.51E-32
Phorbol myristate acetate Chemical drug 6.73E-32
SB203580 Chemical—kinase inhibitor 1.17E-31
Tumor necrosis factor superfamily member 11 (TNFSF11) Cytokine 1.79E-31
  1. A full and detailed list is provided as Additional file 7: Table S4