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Table 6 Levene, Welch and one way ANOVA output

From: Cognitive impact after short-term exposure to different proton pump inhibitors: assessment using CANTAB software

Tests Used Feature of Test Sub-Test Homogeneity of Variances Test Robust Test ANOVA
p Value of Levene’s Test p Value of Welch Test
Screening/ Familiarization Tests Motor Screening (MOT) MOT Mean latency 0.052   F(4,45)= 0.371, p=0.828
MOT Mean error 0.203 F(4,45)= 0.507, p=0.731
Visual Memory Test Paired Associative Learning (PAL) PAL Total errors (adjusted) 0.097 F(4,45)=0.724, p=0.580
PAL Total errors (6 shapes, adjusted) 0.516 F(4,45)=1.222, p=0.315
Attention Test Reaction Time (RTI) RTI Five-choice movement time 0.298 F(4,45)=0.925, p=0.458
RTI Five-choice reaction time 0.204 F(4,45)=1.629, p=0.183
Rapid Visual Information Processing (RVP) RVP A' 0.041 0.740 F(4,45)=0.417, p=0.796
Executive Function Test Spatial Working Memory (SWM) SWM Between errors 0.271   F(4,45)=0.149, p=0.962
SWM Strategy 0.126 F(4,45)=0.984, p=0.426
  1. One way ANOVA was employed to analyze the five test groups (omeprazole, lansoprazole, rabeprazole, pantoprazole, esomeprazole) at alpha level (<0.05)