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Table 3 Parameters of the sample collection and reported adverse incidents

From: Alzheimer’s disease cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers are not influenced by gravity drip or aspiration extraction methodology

Age (years)


Volume collecteda (mLs)

Time of day at collection

Total time taken to collect the CSF (min)

Average time taken to collected via gravity (min)

Average time taken to collect via aspiration (min)

Length of Stay

Reported adverse incidents

72.49 (5.54)

N = 54


9-10 am

10.87 (4.12)b



4 hours post LP

2 reports of post-LP headaches lasting more than 24 hours. 4 LPs initially failed with 27 g needles and were successful when the 25 g needles were used.

  1. Data represents the average and (standard deviation)
  2. CSF cerebrospinal fluid, LP lumbar puncture
  3. aN = 1 LP resulted in only 11 mL total volume collected via gravity and 1 mL via aspiration
  4. bOne subject’s total time was not recorded