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Table 1 Sumary of neuropathologic, clinical, imaging and fluid markers in dementia with Lewy bodies, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease

From: Biomarkers in biological fluids for dementia with Lewy bodies

  AD AD and DLB DLB DLB and PD(D) PD
Neuropathology   Neurofibrillary tangles   Lewy bodies  
Amyloid plaques
Clinical symptoms   Cognitive decline Spontaneous hallucinations Cognitive decline  
L-Dopa response
Nuclear imaging   PIB binding↑   DAT  
CSF biomarkers tau ↑ β-Amyloid 1-42 β-Amyloid 1-40ox β-synucleinv ±-Synuclein
p-tau ↑ Soluble NG2 CART Neurosin Oligomeric β-synuclein↑
Serum biomarkers    H-FABP ↑   
  1. AD, Alzheimer disease; CART, cocaine and amphetamine regulated transcript; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; DAT, dopamine transporter imaging; DLB, dementia with Lewy bodies; H-FABP, heart-type fatty acid binding protein; NF, neurofilament; NG2, Neuron glia 2; PD, Parkinson's disease; PDD, Parkinson's disease with dementia; PIB, Pittsburgh compound B; p-tau, phosphorylated tau protein; RBD, REM sleep behaviour disorder.