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Table 2 Summary of clinical features of chronic traumatic encephalopathy found in the literature

From: Clinical subtypes of chronic traumatic encephalopathy: literature review and proposed research diagnostic criteria for traumatic encephalopathy syndrome

Behavioral features Mood features Cognitive features Motor features
Explosivity Depression Dementia Ataxia
Loss of control Hopelessness Memory impairment Dysarthria
Short fuse Suicidality Executive dysfunction Parkinsonism
Impulsivity Anxiety Lack of insight Gait Disturbance
Aggression Fearfulness Perseveration Tremor
Rage Irritability Impaired attention and Masked facies
Physical violence Labile emotions concentration Rigidity
Verbal violence Apathy Language difficulties Muscle weakness
Inappropriate speech Loss of interest Dysgraphia Spasticity
Boastfulness Fatigue Alogia Clonus
Childish behavior Flat affect Visuospatial  
Social inappropriateness Insomnia difficulties  
Disinhibited speech Mania General cognitive impairment  
Disinhibited behavior Euphoria Reduced intelligence  
Paranoid delusions Mood swings   
Personality changes Prolix   
Social isolation