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Table 2 Factor analysis of the ROSA (baseline data, FAS)

From: Validation of the relevant outcome scale for Alzheimer's disease: a novel multidomain assessment for daily medical practice

ROSA item Symptom domain Factor Loading
1 The patient is able to remember events from a long time ago. Cognition Factor 1 0.6857
2 The patient is able to remember events of the recent past. Cognition   0.7448
3 The patient is able to plan and carry out complex procedures. Cognition   0.8526
4 The patient is able to make himself understood. Communication   0.7138
5 The patient is able to communicate. Communication   0.7966
6 The patient shows social competence. Communication   0.7289
12 The patient is competent at everyday tasks. Function/ADL   0.7791
13 The patient is attentive, shows interest in his surroundings. Function/ADL   0.7284
14 The patient is independent. Function/ADL   0.7849
15 The patient's quality of life is (very good/very poor). Quality of life   0.4509
16 The burden for the caregiver is (very small/very large). Caregiver burden   0.6183
7 The patient behaves aggressively. Behavior Factor 2 0.7309
8 The patient is restless. Behavior   0.6248
9 The patient shows behavioral changes due to delusions. Behavior   0.7397
10 The patient is insecure. Behavior   0.5014
11 The patient's behavior is cooperative. Behavior   0.6243
  1. ADL, activity of daily living.