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Table 2 Screening of monoclonal antibodies that inhibit pathological tau–tau interaction revealed DC8E8 as the best candidate a

From: Identification of structural determinants on tau protein essential for its pathological function: novel therapeutic target for tau immunotherapy in Alzheimer’s disease

Antibody Inhibition of tau oligomer formation (%)
DC8E8 84
DC4R 25
dGAE56 16
DC25 12
DC144 −14
DC11 −45
MN423 −60
DC51 0
  1. aThe oligomerisation of misfolded truncated tau (151-391/4R) was measured by thioflavin T fluorescence. Monoclonal antibodies were tested for their ability to prevent the pathological tau–tau interactions. DC8E8 showed the highest potency of inhibition of tau oligomerisation. Monoclonal antibody DC51 recognising an envelope protein of rabies virus was used as a mock control. For a detailed characterisation of antibodies, see Table 1.