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Table 1 Antibodies used in this study

From: Identification of structural determinants on tau protein essential for its pathological function: novel therapeutic target for tau immunotherapy in Alzheimer’s disease

Antibody Epitope Vendor Reference
DC8E8 tau assembly–regulating domains in MTBRa region Axon Neuroscience This study
DC11 truncated mis-disordered tau species Axon Neuroscience [27, 29]
DC25 tau 347–353 Axon Neuroscience [3036]
DC4R tau 297–305 Axon Neuroscience [34]
dGAE56 tau 377–384 Axon Neuroscience  
DC144 tau 368–376 Axon Neuroscience  
MN423 Conformational, requiring tau truncated at 391   [37, 38]
DC51 Rabies virus   [39]
AT8 tau pS202/pT205 Pierce Biotechnology  
pS214 tau pS214 Invitrogen  
  1. aMTBR, Microtubule-binding repeat.