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Table 4 Binding kinetics of murine, recombinant chimeric, and two versions of humanized 3D6 to Aβ1-10 peptide

From: Crystal structure reveals conservation of amyloid-β conformation recognized by 3D6 following humanization to bapineuzumab

Antibody ka1 (1/Ms) kd1(1/s) KD(nM) SD n
Mu 3D6 3.61E + 05 4.12E-04 1.2 0.22 3
Chi 3D6 3.43E + 05 5.89E-04 1.8 0.73 5
Hu 3D6 v1 1.89E + 05 3.99E-04 2.1 0.07 2
Hu 3D6 v2 1.50E + 05 4.23E-04 2.8 0.54 4
  1. "Mu" denotes Murine, "Chi" denotes chimeric, "Hu" denotes humanized. Version two of humanized 3D6 was selected for clinical development (see text). Specific residues in v2 of humanized 3D6 (bapineuzumab) were Y1D, V2, L36, and R46 in VL, and N40A, D42G, A49, V93, A75S, S78T, L93V and R94 in VH, where italicized residues denote mouse Fr residues retained during humanization. In the table headings, ka1 denotes on rate, kd1 denotes off-rate, KD indicates affinity, SD denotes standard deviation of KD measure, and n indicates the number of independent replicates in the measure of affinity for each version of the antibody tested.