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Figure 5

From: TMEM106B expression is reduced in Alzheimer’s disease brains

Figure 5

Characterization of anti-TMEM106B antibody. The full-length open reading frame (ORF) cloned in the vector that expresses a fusion protein with an N-terminal Xpress tag was transiently expressed in HeLa cells. Total protein extract was processed for western blot. Lanes represent the protein of (1) untransfected cells and the cells expressing (2) TMEM106A, (3) TMEM106B, or (4) TMEM106C, and the protein of (5) human brain #1, (6) human brain #2, or (7) IMR-32 neuroblastoma cells. Immunoblots of (a, d) TMEM106B (the A303-439A antibody), (b) Xpress, and (c, e) HSP60, an internal control for protein loading.

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