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Table 2 Ongoing and terminated passive immunotherapy clinical programs in Alzheimer’s disease

From: Perspectives on future Alzheimer therapies: amyloid-β protofibrils - a new target for immunotherapy with BAN2401 in Alzheimer’s disease

Name Company Phase Trial population Binding domain Target
Solanezumab Eli Lilly and Company 3 Prodromal and mild AD 16–23 Soluble Aβ
Gantenerumab Roche 2/3 Prodromal and mild AD Combined Aβ N-terminal and mid domain, conformational Aggregated Aβ
BAN2401 Eisai/ BioArctic Neuroscience/Eisai 2b MCI due to AD or mild AD N-terminal, conformational Soluble Aβ protofibrils
Crenezumab Genentech/Roche 2 Prodromal and mild/moderate AD Aβ 12-23 Soluble oligomeric/fibrillar Aβ and plaque
Bapineuzumab Elan/ Pfizer Inc./Johnson & Johnson Intravenous and subcutaneous programs terminated Mild/moderate AD 1–5 Soluble and aggregated Aβ
BIIB037 Biogen Idec/Neuroimmune Therapeutics 1 MCI due to AD or mild AD Conformational Aβ Fibrillar Aβ
AAB003 Elan/Pfizer Inc./Janssen 1 Mild/moderate AD 1–6 Soluble and aggregated Aβ
SAR228810 Sanofi 1 Mild/moderate AD Not published Soluble oligomeric/protofibrillar Aβ
ABP102 Abiogen Pharma 1 AD Catalytic antibody cleaving Aβ Aggregated Aβ
Ponezumaba Pfizer Inc. 1 Mild/moderate AD 33–40 Soluble and aggregated Aβ
  1. aIn phase 2 in congophilic amyloid angiopathy. Aβ, amyloid-beta; AD, Alzheimer’s disease; MCI, mild cognitive impairment.