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Table 1 Top up-regulated genes one-hour treatment J147

From: The neurotrophic compound J147 reverses cognitive impairment in aged Alzheimer's disease mice

Gene symbol Gene title Entrez gene Fold change:
J147 (1 hr) vs Control
Egr3 early growth response 3 13655 8.0
Ngf nerve growth factor 18049 2.8
Spred2 sprouty related, EVH1 domain containing 2 114716 2.7
  No title (chr8:13161324 to 13161817)   2.6
Egr1 early growth response 1 13653 2.5
  1. DNA microarray was used to evaluate changes in gene expression following one hour of treatment of HT22 neuronal cells with 10 μM J147. The top five genes showing increases in mRNA expression are shown in this table with Egr3 and NGF being the top two of over 34,000 named mouse genes probed.